Crochet Catch All

I’ve had a bit of extra time on my hands, quite literally as this post would suggest, and crocheting a bit more than usual. Luckily excessive crocheting pairs perfectly with binge watching Orange is The New Black. With that I give you this crochet catch all. When I was making this, I wasn’t entirely sure where … Continue reading Crochet Catch All

Garden Beanie

When winter ended, I swore I was going to venture away from hats. They are like my unavoidable safety net of knitting. Besides, everyone I know is tired of receiving hats. I don’t even save my knit goods for gift-giving occasions anymore. “Happy Thursday, have a hat.” Somebody stop me. So what makes this a … Continue reading Garden Beanie

Spring Flowers

Spring is finally here and summer seems to be just around the corner. While I love summer (who doesn’t?), it leaves me with absolutely no desire to pick up a ball of yarn. Wool and warm weather just don’t mix—period. Without drawing this weather talk on any further, I needed a new hobby. Rather than … Continue reading Spring Flowers